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Enterprise Culture

Cultural cornerstone

Familiarization, militarization, modernization

Enterprise spirit

Learning is the key to progress, creation is the key to eternity


Improve human living environment and change human way of life


Becoming a clean energy heating service provider with leading technology and scale operating across regions in China

Employment Concept

Recruiting, paying attention to employment, connecting with one's heart, treating people with affection, environment, and environment

Three modernizations construction

[Familiarization] Solving the problem of cohesion

Huiju is a big family, where members respect and help each other, respect and love each other, and jointly promote the development of the enterprise. The construction of "family oriented" has attracted a large number of talents to devote themselves to the cause of Huiju.

[Militarization] Solve the problem of consistency of steps

All employees strictly adhere to the organizational system of subordinates obeying superiors. Strict military management effectively ensures that the company can transmit market pressure to every employee for 30 years, ensuring that each employee's thoughts and actions are highly consistent with the company's goals.

[Modernization] Solving the problem of innovation awareness

Huiju requires its people to improve themselves in various aspects such as modern market awareness, modern management concepts, and modern innovative thinking, in order to establish themselves in the present and achieve the future: based in China, going global, and ultimately becoming an international enterprise.

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