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Wise Living Technology Co., Ltd

  Wise Living Technology Co., Ltd. is the second largest non-state-owned cross provincial listed company in China, mainly engaged in clean energy and combined energy heating. Adhering to the concept of three-dimensional energy acquisition, multi energy complementation, green and low-carbon development, the company has demonstrated and continued to innovate in renewable energy, new energy and other clean energy heating. It has mastered a variety of new energy technologies, such as Cogeneration, waste heat recovery, Geothermal energy heating, and especially has taken the lead in joint energy and technology integration. By optimizing the combination and joint application of various energy sources, different heating modes can be tailored to different cities and resources according to local conditions. To solve the problem of replacing coal-fired heating and promote the development of clean heating, a new path has been opened up and a new model has been created. Significant contributions have been made in energy conservation and emission reduction, serving people's livelihoods, reducing coal consumption, and addressing air pollution. Our franchise rights give us the exclusive right to provide heating services in the franchise area in Taiyuan and Shuozhou of Shanxi Province, Lanzhou of Gansu Province, Hulunbeier of Inner Mongolia and Xinmi of Henan Province according to the franchise rights. We have obtained about 420 million square meters of franchise area, Over 800 employees on board.

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Wise Living Technology Co., Ltd
Address: Room 202, 2F, No.15 Shuangliang Road, Ligang Street, Jiangyin City, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province
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